Burrata Cheese , Smoked Tomato, Skellig Meats Black Pudding.


Burrata Cheese , Crisp Spiced local black pudding, Smoked Tomato pesto , balsamic glaze on a bed of  greens.

Allergens (1, 7,3,2,11,10,12)


Celery:1, Eggs:2, Cereals:3, Crustaceans:4, Fish:5, Lupin:6, Dairy:7, Molluscs:8, Mustard:9, Nuts:10, Peanuts:11, Soya:12, Sesame Seeds:13 , Sulphur Diovide:14.

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Campanelle (bell shape), Lumache (shell shape), Rigatoni ( Tube Shape ), Tagliatelle (Long Ribbons)

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