Welcome to Ohmaryloo Homemade Pasta & Fresh Seafood Restaurant

Open Today From 12pm-3.30pm Sunday 26th

Fresh Ingredients

We strive to make sure our ingredients are carefully selected in order to offer the best fresh produce. All fresh fish is locally sourced & the pasta is made fresh every morning by chef Bronagh Brown

Please choose from the following steps...

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Pick your choice of fresh pasta
Pick your choice of toppings

  1. Tomato & Basil Pesto Campanelle Topped with Fresh Salmon/Hake / Seafood Mix ,parmesan  & a cashew lemon breadcrumb
  2. Pork & Fennel Ragu Rigatoni topped with parmesan & truffle oil
  3. Pancetta Cream Tagliatelle Seafood mix topped with parmesan & a cashew  lemon breadcrumb
  4. Basil pesto Campanelle topped with Fresh salmon & Parmesan cheese
  5. Pork & fennel Basil Pesto Lumache , parmesan , truffle oil & a cashew lemon breadcrumb

This weeks special

Select a Drink

Celery:1, Eggs:2, Cereals:3, Crustaceans:4, Fish:5, Lupin:6, Dairy:7, Molluscs:8, Mustard:9, Nuts:10, Peanuts:11, Soya:12, Sesame Seeds:13 , Sulphur Diovide:14.
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